Who is El Peso Hero?

Created by Hector Rodriguez, El Peso Hero is a comic book series heavily influenced by the modern-day challenges people from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border face. The main story is centered on El Peso Hero, a rogue hero who is standing up against Mexico’s cartels, corrupt border officials, and human traffickers. El Peso Hero has been one the most internationally talked about Latino superhero in decades. With modern social issues such immigration, human trafficking and institutional corruption, El Peso Hero has garnered attention and praise from the Latino community and been featured on Univision, Univision’s Somos Metroplex, CNN, Telemundo, Fusion, TV Azteca, Conexion Thalia and countless of other media sites worldwide. It has even won the prestigious Emmy Award for best news story by Univision news anchor Angel Pedrero.

El Peso Hero Radio Novela
This upcoming radio novela produced and directed by Horacio Ontiveros (Conexión Thalía) based on El Peso Hero.  El Peso Hero Radio Novela Produced and Directed by Horacio Ontiveros. In association with Audazzia Productions and Rio Bravo Comics.
El Toro Pesado
“El Toro Pesado” is a episodic pilot based on the web comic “El Peso Hero” which is inspired by the crisis ongoing at the Texan and Mexican border. The story centers around two detectives who are investigating a missing person and uncover a greater mystery lurking amongst them. The two detective’s methodologies and behaviors clash as they discover how hopeless they have become when facing the Mexican Mob. Crimes of corruption and brutality bridge the story which is told through the narrative of Detective Don Gonzalez. Don and his partner Franco detectives witness the dawn of the Mexican superhero.