Comicpalooza 2014

Comicplaooza 2014 has been the best show this summer. The fans were the best, the location, the app (seeing my name next to Greg Capullo had me humbled) I had such amazing table mates too! Pat Brodrick, Carl Potts, and Roy Thomas were on my section. What an honor! I would like to thank all the fans that stopped by to visit. Without you this journey would be a very lonely one. THANK YOU!


Commandante Garcia is back! The Tortugas have picked him up from an untimely demise. How could they benefit from rescuing him from EL Catrin. You will find out soon! Thanks for reading!

I would like to thank Halo from Shonuff Studios for the amazing colors on page 12.

See you in two weeks to see El Peso Hero!