The best selling Latino comic book series! El Peso Hero!

 Defender of immigrants, a hero to the disenfranchised, growing vexation for the Mexican cartels, corrupt officials and human traffickers, El Peso Hero makes waves along the border. As a young boy, El Peso Hero assumes his powers of super strength and unbreakable skin by accident and reluctantly enters the role of hero for the unseen and unheard. Through the unintentional influences of his family and community, El Peso Hero becomes aware of the need for a local hero. Crime waves are sweeping the city, cartels have a lay of the land, and El Catrin, local cartel boss, holds the puppet strings to the local government officials. El Peso Hero steps out to defend the powerless in the series El Peso Hero, influenced by the modern-day realities of those living on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border; the results of which are often destructive and deadly.

Created by Hector Rodriguez

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